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Meet The Team

Tone E. Rome


Founder, creator and CEO of Spritelings.  Tone E. Rome is the driving force behind the Spriteling universe.  He began sketching Spritelings many, many years ago.  World building and character design are his passions.

Chunlin Zhao


Pivotal in the Spriteling ecosystem, Chunlin goes back to the earliest days of Spritelings. Storyboard artist, illustrator, inker, and colorist

Joseph Milford


Writer and world builder.  Pivotal in keeping the Spriteling ecosystem sewn together.  He's also an amazing published poet.

Lynne Dawson



As a freelance illustrator and concept artist, Lynne is the head of the FumbleBaum Illustrations LLC and is known more recently for her work within the Dystopia Rising LARP community. In her spare time, she works on her personal project, Off Canon, a light-hearted coming of age comic.

Gen Wolfe


 Known as “The Sketch” on Instagram, Gen is a character and concept artist based in Tampa Florida. Their main strength is in character drawing, but Gen also has a love for story developing and animation.   

Social Media info: 

Instagram - the.sketch 

Twitter - GenWolfe