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Cast of Spritelings



 Echo is the leader of the Spritelings.    He is witty and loyal but very easily distracted and sometimes impulsive.  He’s a great friend and it is his job to make sure the Spriteling expeditions are safe and productive.    You’ll never find a better friend than Echo!  



 Banna is the scientist of the Spriteling tribe.  His inventions are very important to the Spritelings.  He is responsible for making sure the Spriteling portal works.  The Spriteling portal is a device that allows the Spritelings to hop from one planet to another.  Banna loves books and being lazy.  He’s also probably the shyest of all the Spritelings.  His inventions are a little quirky so the rest of the Spritelings leave him alone and hope he doesn’t blow himself up. 



Pico is the trickster of the Spriteling Tribe.  He's also Tulip's older brother.  His special ability is super speed.  If you need something done fast, Pico is your Spriteling.



Tulip is the baby of the Spriteling family.  She's super cute and fluffy.  Her ability is to calm and heal her friends and her cuteness stuns her enemies.  She's great at supporting her friends!



Meta is the guardian for Tulip and Pico in the Spriteling village.  She is also tends to the Spriteling sanctuary .  She a kind and loving Spriteling who only wants the best for the tribe. Meta is able to use color to create sorts of magical wonders. 



Walter is the alchemist of the Spriteling tribe.  He is always mixing strange potions and collecting rare roots and herbs.  He's the oldest Spriteling in the tribe and can sometimes be grumpy.  All of the Spritelings look up to him for his vast knowledge and maturity.



Tarmack is the Spriteling leader of the planet called the Undergrove.  The Undergrove is a planet that has no surface.  It's a giant cave with colorful crystals.  This is where sea bunnies and rainbow bats are born and raised.  The exposure to pure color has made Tarmack a little unstable.  He's a hard worker but he absolutely marches to the beat of his own drum.  Tarmack is what you might consider a little 'cray cray'.



Spriteling technology runs on color.  Rainbow Sea Bunnies harvest color through their ears and shoot pure color from their foreheads.  Spritelings use sea bunnies to charge up their quirky machines.  All Spritelings are encouraged to keep them as pets.  They are like adorable, fuzzy batteries.



Magnolia is very similar to the Ground Hog in the Spriteling universe.  When it gets cold Magnolia buries herself in the ground up to her leaves and waits out the Winter.  When the Spritelings see her again, they know Spring is coming and they have a giant party in her honor! 



 Cocoa is a fuzzy beast with cute horns that lives in the forest.  She knows more about Spriteling knowledge than any of the other Spritelings but she sleeps 18 hours a day.  When the Spritelings venture to her deep in the forest they typically find her asleep and she is VERY hard to wake up! 



Votters are vampiric otters.  Over the years their fangs became too dull to bite necks so they resorted to eating carbs and have become very plump.  They can be found foraging near the Spriteling village.  They are great friends but sadly they are not very bright.  They are super cuddly though!