About Us

Spritelings is an independent toy and game company on the East Coast.    Our primary product line is an adorable species called Spritelings.   Spritelings is the end result of many years of building a universe.   We have always been inspired by all things cute.   The primary comment we receive at comic conventions is that our plush toys are adorable and kawaii.   We have a line of kawaii plush that have become very popular in the anime and comic worlds.  We have sold Spriteling kawaii plush to people in almost every state so we are super excited that the brand is growing .  We have expanded our toy line to include art toys for those fans that might look for something different.  The Spriteling universe is organic and is greatly influenced by the fan base.   We are currently building all aspects of the Spriteling world by creating storylines.  We spend countless hours developing each Spriteling that we release to the universe to make sure his or her back story is fun and adds to the mystery of the world.   Our single page web comic series releases about once a week giving you a glimpse into the Spriteling universe.   We are also building a series of video games for mobile and PC platforms.   These are in the infant stages of development, but we are super excited for the end product!  We are looking to work with smaller retail or online toy stores that support our mission.  If you are a toy store that wants to help us get Spritelings out to the world, please make sure you leave a comment!