Meet The Spriteling Tribe


Echo is the leader of the Spritelings on Earth only by default.  When it came time for the Spritelings to escape the dangers of Ochericho, the Spritelings chose Echo to be their mission leader.   He’s impulsive and loyal, but has a very short attention span and gets distracted easily.   He’s a hard worker and loves to have a good time.  He has a stressful position but he enjoys being the center of attention and he always has a joke or smile.

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Banna is the scientist of the Spriteling tribe.   He’s Echo’s nerdy best friend.

He’s solely responsible for operating the portal that brings Spritelings to Earth.  Banna came to Earth with a backpack full of blueprints related to alien technology.  None of the other Spritelings on Earth are as technically savvy as Banna.  That said, Banna is impulsive and sometimes error prone so the Spritelings leave him along and hope that he doesn’t blow himself up.

Banna is very shy and is very fond of Earth books which are new to him.  He can usually be found in his underground lab which is in the root system of his house or underneath a tree napping and reading.  He’s known to be allergic to chores and will find anything technical to do instead of manual labor.

He’s pivotal to the Spriteling’s colonization of Earth.  He’s always building a gadget to do something important.

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Tulip is the baby of the Spriteling Tribe.  She is an adorable puffball of pink.  She has a calming nature and all of the other Spritelings love her sweet nature.  She lives in the Spriteling village with her adopted mother Meta and her brother Pico.

Available as a plush toy at the following location: Spritelings Storenvy


Pico Spriteling is a baby Spriteling.   He is Tulip’s big brother.  He’s a prankster and always getting into trouble for his mischief.  He lives with his guardian Meta and his little sister Tulip in the town hall pod in the Spriteling sanctuary.  He is very quick on his feet and is known for his intense speed.  He’s also very strategic and can often come up with solutions to problems that are creative and well executed.

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Meta is the oldest of the Spritelings that have come to Earth.  She runs the Spriteling sanctuary and is responsible for all the inner workings of the Spriteling community.   She runs the Spriteling nursery and is currently the guardian for Pico and Tulp.  She lives in a large pod in the center of the Spriteling sanctuary and her home acts as a common meeting place for all Spriteling activity.  She is very strong willed and is the core of the successful colonization of Earth.   She relies on Echo to organize any activities that she can’t oversee and she is very close with him.

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Snowball Spriteling was the first baby Spriteling to hatch on Earth.  In a comedy of errors, Walter feeds baby Snowball a growth potion that makes Snowball grow bigger and larger than any other Spriteling in the tribe.   Snowball is easily ten times taller than the tallest regular Spriteling.  Because of his size, Snowball is accustomed to solving problems that require brute strength and power.  Spritelings are docile and try to solve problems without force, but when there is force needed, Snowball comes in very handy.

Snowball has a very loud roar due to his size.  He has been known to scare away full size black bears with one stomp and rumble.

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1. He’s the Spriteling alchemist. He can create potions to do all sorts of things. He’s the only alchemist in the Spriteling tribe.
2. He’s the oldest male Spriteling on Earth.
3. He is responsible for the potion that made Snowball Spriteling grow faster than all the other Spritelings.
4. He will be the first vinyl figure released by Spritelings.
5. He’s the Spriteling on the Spriteling packaging when you receive an order from us.
6. The spots on his forehead allow him to channel Spriteling technology. Spriteling Essence is a mixture of alchemy and science but it is based on color. The color of a Spriteling’s spots indicate which powers are stronger with that Spriteling.
7. Walter is rare in that he possesses powers in three colors. Most Spritelings only get one base color.
8. Walter lives in an alchemy hut inside the Spriteling sanctuary on Earth.
9. He comes off as grumpy and stern, but he’s actually quite lovable and loyal.
10. His best friends are Banna and Meta Spriteling.
11. Walter’s Earth name came from Walter Chrysler Jr. who’s gift of a huge art collection established the Chrysler Museum of Art. The very first Walter was named ‘Walter’ after being received  as a birthday gift.  The name stuck and became a part of the Spriteling lore.

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Salvador is an aquatic Spriteling that lives in or around the water.  He lives in a tiny hut on the river and spends most days fishing and helping  irrigate the gardens.  If you need anything done related to water he’s your man.


conradiconDr. Conrad Forester

Dr. Conrad Forester

Conrad is the first human that the Spritelings meet and get to know.   He’s a retired botanist and he and Echo become fast friends. Saving the Spritelings from being discovered by the rest of the humans is Conrad’s first hurdle.