July Update, Coloring Book, Video Games, and Comics


Summer is in full swing now!  Tons of things happening in the Spriteling studio.  We are working on so many fun things for you to enjoy.   We plan to have the coloring book done by fall and hopefully a few small Spritelings related apps and games to hold you over until we finish the full Spritelings roleplaying game.



She’s the center of all Spriteling knowledge.  Spritelings will hunt her down in the forest to ask questions of all kinds.  She usually has a very profound answer!  The only problem is that Cocoa LOVES to sleep.  She sleeps up to 18 hours a day and she is nearly impossible to wake up.

She’s available in plush form at our online shop!   Click here to check her out!  http://spritelings.storenvy.com


September Update

Fall is just around the corner.  Our newest release is on its way to us.  We couldn’t be happier.  In November, we will have our rainbow bats, our new sea bunnies and Cocoa in stock at shows and online.  Our Kickstarter backers should have all their rewards and we will begin our ramping up of fun holiday promotions.  We hope to have the best holiday season yet!


We have a bunch of exciting new projects upcoming.  We will update you soon!

If you haven’t visited our shop in awhile  Click here to check out the new plushies, charms, coin purses and stickers.


Our new booth setup going forward!!


We are back from Otakon!  It was a great experience and sales were great even though we were sold out of most of our super popular plush.  We were positioned in a group of tables that ended up being referred to as K-island.   Lots of plush artists.  This was our first big show after changing our booth design! Otakon was probably officially one of the largest shows that we attended although our local show, Tidewater Comic Convention, actually beat it as far as sales go.   Otakon is based in Baltimore.  The load-in was by far one of the most difficult due to where the parking is situated and the massive crowds of people on the streets that you have to avoid while trying to load in.   We hope to do the show again next year!

Looking for small toys shops and retail placement


It is official.  Spritelings has gotten to a position that we have a sufficient product line that we can begin offering wholesale kawaii plush to retail shops.  We are excited to offer both consignment and wholesale catalog offers.

Are you a toy store looking for a brand new hot toy item?  Look no further!   Our kawaii plushies are very popular and will be a great addition to any retail offering.

Currently we have the following plush toys available for retail placement.

Banna, Tulip, Echo, Zeke and mini Echo!

Send us a comment with your contact information to get started carrying Spriteling kawaii monster plush toys!

Echo Spriteling Kawaii Monster Plush

Echo Kawaii Plushie

Get your own Echo Kawaii Plush Toy

Meet Echo Spriteling. He is one of the many little monsters of the Spriteling Army! This adorable black monster toy is an original creation and the perfect addition to your Japanese themed stuffed animal collection!

This black kawaii monster is approximately 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide and features a cute smile and adorable embroidered features.

He’s good for any adventures you might have unless those adventures includes tumbling him around in a washing machine. This black monster plush is not machine washable, and so I recommend only spot cleaning techniques are used.

This black stuffed animal is not recommended for children under the age of 3 (Three).

You too can join the Spriteling Army and keep track of all Spriteling related released by following us here:



Birth of the Votter

The following is my blog entry related to the design and creation of the adorable, kawaii, plush soon to be released named The Votter.



On the planet Ochorecho,  there lives a lumbering creature called the Votter.   They are vampiric otter type creatures with a blunt rounded fangs.  Because their fangs are blunt they are not biting any necks any time soon.  Because of this Votters adapted to be vegetarian and they eat a lot of carbs.  Because they eat so many carbs, they grow unusually chubby for a Votter.    They are sweet natured, simple minded creatures.  The Spritelings haven’t brought any Votters through the portal to Earth yet, but they will be doing so in the very near future.

Designing the Votter:



The Votter had humble beginnings in my sketchbooks over the past 15 years.  He’s taken many different shapes.  His eyes were close together, then further apart.  The eyes used to be bigger.  The fangs used to be sharper but over the years he’s morphed into the chubby, harmless sweetheart of a creature.



Here’s a quick sketch of him before his features got more round.  After years of tweaking this design, it was time to see how he would look in 3D.   With the Spritelings, I sit down and sew up the first designs using cardboard, fleece and an embroidery machine.  For the Votter, this was our first design that we went directly to our manufacturer for initial prototypes.

After sending my sketch to my professional artist for rendering she came up with this amazing version of him.

votter green sitting 9 inch

As always she takes my sketches and takes them to a level that would take me a week.  Her knowledge of the Spritelings aesthetic is somewhat uncanny.  I don’t even have to tell her how I want things colored.  I send her the sketches and she works magic on them.

After freaking out over the fully inked and rendered version of the Votter it was time to send him off to get made by the factory. Here was their second try.   Yikes.  I couldn’t bear the thought of you seeing the first draft.



So there were things that I really liked about it, and mostly things that I really hated about it.   I think it was with this revision that I actually gave up on the Votter being a plush altogether.   I wouldn’t even show it to my friends who were chomping at the bit to see the prototype.  I was crushed a little bit.

So I gave up.  I decided to scrap the project and just work on more traditional Spritelings.  I went to bed and forgot about it.   At 3am, I woke up with an idea.  I loaded the Votter in Photoshop and went to down cloning and reshaping.

Votter revisions


Here’s a window into my process.  I basically make a duplication of the embroidery and move things around until they look exactly how I want them.  Then I ship off the photos and go back to bed at 5am.

It’s a fun process.  I didn’t give up on the Votter and now look at him!



He’s amazing!   He will be available soon as a Kickstarter, so if you want to grab yourself one of these kawaii chubby monsters, make sure you like us on facebook and leave a comment that you want him!

Thanks for following along this adventure of plush design.